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Spanish is an essential communication tool that will help you reach further and stand out in today’s competitive job market. It will progress your career prospects, keep your mind sharp and allow you to explore new cultures without having to rely on a translation app or smartdevice.

Did you know that with 442 million people speaking it, Spanish is the second most spoken and the third most studied language in the world? It is the official language in 21 countries and is spoken by a considerable number of people in 10 further countries. So, if you are not already learning Spanish, you really should consider starting, ahora!

If your job takes you abroad, or it is one of your goals, speaking Spanish is definitely a must. We live in an increasingly interconnected world and must connect with international customers, close business deals and team up with experts worldwide, without forgetting followers in your down-time.

Studies indicate that learning a second language, even later in life, could very well slow down brain ageing and even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and frontotemporal dementia by several years.

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​Understanding the culture and speaking the language is key to building strong relationships. It is easier than you think and I can help you.

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