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Our native language is our basic communication tool. In my case, I constantly use two as a Latin American Spanish speaker who lives in an English-speaking country. 

What makes my services special?

Besides my language skills, my education and experience as a translator and educator, I have lived, studied and worked in the United Kingdom for over 23 years. This has been key to developing my English fluency and my understanding of the local culture. Furthermore, prior to settling in the UK, I lived in at least seven countries on four different continents, and this is how I learnt first-hand the importance of respecting cultural diversity when looking to maintain clear and precise communications.

With regard to education, my qualifications include a Bachelor of Science with Honours Degree, a Masters of Arts in Translation with Merit Degree and a Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher Certificate. I am fully committed to continuous personal and professional development, and would be happy to produce a curriculum vitae upon request.


English to Latin American Spanish translation, editing and proof-reading

My main experience is in the fields of international development and cooperation; biodiversity and environmental conservation; and general and corporate communications.

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Translators Without Borders 

Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL) Tutor

I offer face-to-face or online lessons on an individual basis, as well as in small groups. Levels range from absolute beginners to advanced and conversational. Courses take place at my premises, private organisations and education institutions, such as RALSS, where I currently teach. My aim is to create a fun, engaging and relaxed environment, using a variety of multimedia tools to suit different learning styles and encourage independent learning.

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Cynthia Gandeborn

​Understanding the culture and speaking the language is key to building strong relationships. It is easier than you think and I can help you.

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