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I am a Latin American Spanish native speaker who after many years of living and working in the United Kingdom, more specifically in England, decided to qualify as translator and, why not, a foreign language tutor as well.


Over 25 years in country enabled me to gain a deep knowledge of the English language and especially of its culture.


And in case you are wondering, I was born in the same country as Paddington Bear, and spent my younger years in the land of the popular tango and great churrascos

My offer


As a native Spanish speaker who is also a qualified and experienced translator, I offer to accurately translate your English documents and materials into Spanish for your Latin American readers, rendering the same meaning, nuances and cultural content in order to serve the same purpose for which they were created. 


If you would like to more about your potential audience, read on ... 

Key Qualifications


Memberships and Accreditations


Spanish is a widely spoken modern language


If your organisation or work benefits from international exposure and networking, or this is one of your goals, making it accessible in Spanish is a priority.


Did you know that with some 600 million people speaking Spanish, it is the second mother tongue in the world, the third most used language on the Internet (second on Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), the most studied language in the US and perceived as the most important language for the future in the UK?


It is the official language in 20 countries and 1 dependency (Puerto Rico), and is spoken by a considerable number of people in 10 further countries. It is also the second language in which most scientific documents are published. 


Surely, if you are still reading this is because you are already aware of your translation needs and I need not say more, though you can always read about the Instituto Cervantes Report here.

Get in touch to discuss your translation needs: it is the first step.